COVID SMART Workplace Training Program Sample

This overview covers the training course, business portal, certificates and our additional signage for workplace display.

‘Module 1: What is COVID-19?’ has been edited for brevity.


Comprehensive training in about an hour.

In seven short modules, you and your employees will learn the best practices for the prevention of COVID-19 in your workplace.

Course Features:

  • Consistent with all guidelines from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) & World Health Organization (WHO)

  • Easy to complete in approximately 50 minutes.

  • Accessible on-demand via smartphone or any computer.

  • Multiple Choice quiz format to test comprehension and reinforce learning.

  • Modular structure for easy customization by industry or business.

  • Multi-lingual (English currently available, Spanish coming soon, more languages in development).

  • Administrative dashboard enables employers to monitor course completion by all employees.

  • ADA compliant.

Purchase includes:

  • The COVID SMART interactive training course (approx: 1 hour to complete).
  • Subscription to COVID SMART for each employee in your organization
  • Manage and monitor your employees and their progress via your own Business Portal
  • Communications collateral to support the rollout to your employees. 
  • Simple two-step on-boarding process with individual access codes for each employee
  • Public-facing certificate that confirms your business is COVID SMART
  • Individualized certificate and posters with scannable QR code technology
  • A full year of service, including updates, enhancements and new information

What Does The Program Teach?

Infection Prevention Epidemiologist, Angela Vassallo, MPH, MS, CIC, FAPIC

COVID SMART™ The Workplace Training Program


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