COVID SMART CEO Robert Tercek is Keeping Workers Safe: Founder Series with Mason Plumlee

“It was an honor to speak with Mason this afternoon” CEO Robert Tercek, Direct Education Worldwide

Most sports fans know about the Plumlee basketball family, with three generations of outstanding players, but what a lot of folks might not know is that Denver Nuggets center / power forward Mason Plumlee is also keenly focused on startup companies.  It’s not just a hobby or a faddish interest for Mason.  He is passionate about startups and he gets actively involved in fostering innovative new companies and promotes them to his legions of fans and followers.

So it was a great honor to get an invitation from Mason to join him on Facebook live to have a discussion about COVID SMART when we were in the earliest stages of developing the software.

Mason was one of the first people to learn about our workplace training program. We were introduced by a mutual friend, Erik Stangvik of the Creative Visions Foundation.  Mason immediately expressed interest in  COVID SMART.  Like many other entrepreneurs, Mason was keenly interested in hearing about companies that were innovating new ways to fight the pandemic.

This was the first public interview about COVID SMART. Mason did a great job of asking sharp questions and keeping the interview on track, even when I sometimes let my enthusiasm get the best of me.  He was particularly interested in how the COVID SMART certificates and signage work, and how they can be spread through an entire community to provide a baseline set of common standards for behavior.  In this interview we went deep into our pilot program in Malibu and other new developments.

In the second half, there’s a bunch of excellent questions from the fans who listening to the interview.  I really get energized when listeners come in with good questions.  That’s how you know they are listening closely.

Rob Tercek