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Individual License

Purchase $29.95
Certificate is valid for 12 months

You will receive:

  • Immediate Access to the Course

Upon course completion:

  • (1) Single User Certificate

Small Business

(2 – 250)
Certificate is valid for 12 months

You will receive:

  • An Access code for multiple users
  • Business admin panel

Upon course completion:

  • Individual Certificates for each participant
  • (1) Business Certificate


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  • Available in SCORM 1.2 format for enterprise LMS systems
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Friendly online support
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Purchase includes:

  • The COVID SMART interactive training course (approx: 1 hour to complete)
  • Subscription to COVID SMART for each employee in your organization
  • Manage and monitor your employees and their progress via your own Business Portal
  • Communications collateral to support the rollout to your employees 
  • Simple three-step on-boarding process to get started quickly
  • Public-facing certificate that confirms your business is COVID SMART
  • Individualized certificate and posters with scannable QR code technology
  • A full year of service, including updates, enhancements and new information

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