The ‘In House Warrior’ Podcast

Workforce Compliance Training During a Pandemic: Robert Tercek, CEO of Direct Education Worldwide, discusses their COVID SMART program, built in partnership with the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, which not only helps educate organizations and their employees as they try to return to work and school, but may provide a defense argument against potential future lawsuits.


What kind of risk does COVID-19 present to a company?
When you think about all of the risks associated with the SARS CoV2 virus, you probably think first of infections, outbreaks and crowded hospital emergency wards. You might think about how people can spread the disease inadvertently while they are sick but asymptomatic, or you might think about the longterm risks associated with persistent health care conditions that linger long after one has recovered from the disease.  These are highly personal risks, and some of them are very intense.
But there are other risks that most of us rarely consider.
In this interview with Richard Levick, of In House Warrior,  Robert Tercek, the CEO of Direct Education Worldwide, discusses the risks to employers and companies from COVID-19.   It turns out there are many significant risks when companies bring their workers back to the workplace. COVID SMART occupational training was devised specifically to reduce these risks.
Mr Levick, who specializes in communications for companies that are deaingl with crisis and litigation, happens to also be an expert interviewer on topics related to employment law and corporate law.  He conducted this thorough discussion about the legal risks of outbreaks and disruptions to the workplace, and the steps that employers can take today to mitigate risks.