Every member of Management and Staff on this property has completed comprehensive training on COVID-19 in the home and workplace.

This workforce training program is consistent with the commitment made by the proprietor and management of JZ Vacation Rentals to the local community to set and maintain the highest standard for safety and public health.

COVID SMART™ is a state of the art training program that teaches workers how to prevent the spread of infection by the SARS CoV2 virus at work and in the community. The course content was developed in partnership with and under the supervision of the COVID-19 Task Force of the Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), the world’s leading association of experts in infection prevention.

Our housekeeping professionals go above and beyond to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Our cleaning regimen is now based on recommendations from the CDC and includes disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces.


Below are a few of the additional cleaning protocols we’ve incorporated to keep you and your family safe:

• All housekeeping staff disinfects their personal phones, wears disposable gloves, and ensures proper ventilation in each property
• When employing disinfectant solutions, a 70% alcohol base is used
• Cleaning cloths are color-coded to prevent cross-contamination
• Sanitizing spray used on furniture, curtain edges, and decorative pillows
• All phones and electronics are sanitized with disinfectant spray or wipes
• All light switches are sanitized
• All ceiling fan pull chains are sanitized
• All window sills, window handles, and window covering edges and pulls are sanitized
• All thermostats are sanitized
• All staircases and railings are sanitized
• All garbage cans are sanitized inside and out
• All knobs and handles of appliances and cabinets are sanitized
• All small appliances, including cords, switches, and knobs are sanitized
• All sponges used in the cleaning process are discarded
• All kitchen amenities, such as oil, salt & pepper shakers and containers are cleaned
• All lamp power switches are sanitized
• All hangers and luggage racks are disinfected
• All TV and AC remotes are sanitized
• All shower curtain edges and liners are sanitized
• All faucet and toilet handles are sanitized
• All hair dryers are sanitized, including the buttons and cord
• All bathroom amenities, such as shampoo, soap, etc., are sanitized
• All areas on the washer/dryer are sanitized
• Iron/ironing board are sanitized
• All guest guides left in-home, as well as office supplies, such as pens and paper are sanitized
• All child items, such as high chairs and Pack and Plays are sanitized
• All keys, keypads, and alarm pads are sanitized
• All door handles, locks and edges of the front door are sanitized
• All outdoor furniture is sanitized
• All additional amenities, such as bikes, games, and books

What Does The Program Teach?

Infection Prevention Epidemiologist, Angela Vassallo, MPH, MS, CIC, FAPIC

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