In House Warrior

The 'In House Warrior' Podcast Workforce Compliance Training During a Pandemic: Robert Tercek, CEO of Direct Education Worldwide, discusses their COVID SMART program, built in partnership with the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, which not only helps educate organizations and their employees as they try to return to work

In House Warrior2020-10-12T14:14:36-07:00

CEO Robert Tercek Intervew with Mason Plumlee

COVID SMART CEO Robert Tercek is Keeping Workers Safe: Founder Series with Mason Plumlee "It was an honor to speak with Mason this afternoon" CEO Robert Tercek, Direct Education Worldwide Most sports fans know about the Plumlee basketball family, with three generations of outstanding

CEO Robert Tercek Intervew with Mason Plumlee2020-08-28T11:58:42-07:00
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