Direct Education Worldwide is proud to announce the launch of their official website, COVID SMART™

“We are proud to announce the launch of our website” Robert Tercek CEO, Direct Education Worldwide


LOS ANGELES. APRIL 12.   Game on! Let’s cue the virtual confetti and the digital drumroll.  Ladies and Gents, here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for while sheltering at home, the official debut of COVID SMART on the World Wide Web!

Everyone involved in this project is incredibly proud to unveil our collective efforts.  When the lockdown and stay-at-home order first began in March, we had already begun to develop a vision for a product that could help Americans and people in other nations recover from the economic shutdown and return to work safely.

This web site is just the first step towards realizing that vision.

The pandemic was a one-two punch, first the surge of medical emergencies and exponential growth in the number of cases in early March, followed by the second, which was the enormous economic pain of shutting down most businesses and workplaces.

We couldn’t help solve the first problem, but this team had a very clear notion of how we could address the second problem. We build information products. Right now, information is our best weapon in the fight against this disease.

Because there is no medical cure or vaccine to control SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and there is no natural immunity to the disease, the only way to slow down the spread of the disease is to change human behavior.  And that is a job for education.

By mid-March we had a clear vision for an information product that would help people master a set of basic skills to prevent the spread of the disease. By the end of March, we had begun to consult with epidemiologists and experts in infectious disease to learn how they controlled previous epidemics. With their help, we teased out the basic outlines of an online learning program that would impart the fundamental techniques for disease prevention to workers at every level of an organization.

We knew one thing clearly:  if you bring workers without training them on new behavior, you’d just see another round of outbreaks.

The launch of the COVID SMART web site this week is just the beginning. In coming weeks you will learn about our efforts to train massive numbers of people in the skills that will help slow down the spread of this pandemic.

We are so proud to share this with you, and we can hardly wait to tell you about what is coming next month.